Palo Alto Summer Tall Trees Tournament
June 5-6, 2021

Welcome to Summer Tall Trees Tournament!

Through its 20+ years history our Fall Tall Trees provided youth teams from the Bay Area with a fun and relaxed soccer weekend in one of the most beautiful towns on the Peninsula.

This year we open a the Summer Tall Trees Event with the hope that it will provide our youth soccer community with one more choice to spend a soccer weekend at one of the best locations in the Bay Area.

The tournament is open to Boys and Girls teams of any level U9-U17 (2020 FALL league age).  

We look forward to hosting your team this year.

List of Applicants - 2019 - Use as reference

Schedules and Results - For field directions please click on Event Fields

RULES (current NorCal Premier rules)

Check-in information
The default check-in is via online check in by Thursday, September 3rd at noon.  

** Boys and Girls teams U9-U17 (2021 FALL league age) from Silver to Premier level.
** Very high quality trophies for Champions (1st place) 
** 3 games guaranteed
** Medals for teams in Final matches (1st to 2nd place)
** No additional charges for using the convenience of paying by credit card 
** Extremely responsive to teams scheduling needs based on travel distance and coaching conflicts

Location: Palo Alto
* U8-U10 – 7v7, 2x20min halves, 4 guests – $450  
* U11-U12 – 9v9, 2x25min halves, 6 guests – $550 
* U13-U14 – 11v11, 2x30min halves, 8 guests – $695 
* U15-U17 – 11v11, 2x30min halves, 8 guests – $750 

Application Deadline: May14th, 2021
Acceptance notification: by May 15th, 2021
Late Application Penalty: $75 
Withdrawal Penalty: $100 after May 14th, 2021. After acceptance or May 16th (whichever is first) the whole fee is forfeited.
Credentials: Any registration passes are accepted - USYSA, USCS, AYSO, etc. 

Tournament Director